Mission & Vision

S.A.O S.C. as always, is attentive to the enhancement of its staff.
EHS (Environmental Health & Safety), internal communication and training are the key objectives of our company philosophy.
Promoting and increasing the skills of the people working alongside us helps to bolster the processes of innovation within all of our services and raises awareness about our values in all working members.

The recruiting and training of highly qualified personnel for the performance of our services is one of the reasons for success that helped to create the current image of S.A.O. Our mission is to encourage personal growth, communication, constructive criticism and self-realization, we believe these factors are fundamental for the growth and productivity of the company.
For this reason, we believe that the enhancement of human resources, their involvement in the company dynamics and investment in human capital is a key process that can contribute to business growth.
Being aware and involved in these objectives helps S.A.O and its employees to constantly adapt to the growing challenges of the market ensuring services of the highest level.


The vast experience has enabled S.A.O. S.C. in a few years to become the main partner of many international companies settled in Italy.



The knowledge gained over the years, have allowed S.A.O to achieve a high quality standard.
S.A.O S.C.’s fundamental principle is aimed at customer satisfaction by ensuring a quality of service through catering to the particular needs of the buyer. This is achieved through strict compliance with the provisions of the Company Quality System complying with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.
S.A.O. S.C. is in fact, certified ISO 9001:2015 with the following certification: provision of services and customer service, safety and pubic security(unarmed security guards), Internal and external delivery to the customer’s company.